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Code of Ethics
The Centre as member of the international lobbyist network, called "Lobby Works" commits itself to observe a certain code of conduct. Some of the important points in the code of conduct as evolved through Lobby Works framework and internal relection exercises within IPAC are as follows:
a. IPAC accepts partnerships for lobby support and capacity building, in accordance with the philosophy, mission and theory of change relevant to the centre.
b. IPAC accepts work with a variety of partners and sets out the mutual obligations in the cooperation agreement. IPAC will make every effort to meet these obligations. If meeting them becomes impossible due to unforeseen circumstances, or if the current situation gives rise to new possibilities, the centre informs the partner and proposes mutually acceptable alterations to the agreement.
c. IPAC when working with its partners shall expresses political standpoints that are solely backed by its partners and their experiences. At other times, IPAC reserves the right to advocate for policy change on the basis of its own policy research and analysis.
d. In the external contacts from within a project, IPAC always tries to make clear on whose behalf it is acting i.e. itself or its partners, as mutually agreed and stipulated in the cooperation agreement. Unless agreed otherwise, IPAC shall remain 'invisible' in the lobbying efforts of its partners.
e. IPAC always respects the confidentiality of internal and potentially sensitive situations, strategies and interests of its partners, as discussed and made clear between IPAC and the partner.

"Large change doesn't come from clever, quick fixes; from smart, tense people; but from long conversations and silences among people who know different things and need to learn different things"...

-Anne Herbert

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