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Indraprastha Public Affairs Center (IPAC) was created as a unit of a Shivi Development Society (SDS) to function as a support centre on lobbying and advocacy issues to its partners. IPAC's agenda was initially limited to lobby support and capacity building of its partners to effectively lobby on the issues of concern for them. The motivations and intentions for the development of IPAC as a unit in SDS were essentially as envisaged in the current theory of change.

IPAC and SDS has jointly organized various sessions and workshops on lobby support and capacity building for its partners. They include Regional, National and State level collaboration as follows:

  1. Regional: The Asian Conference of Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD's) was organized by CordAid and facilitated by Entrée and IPAC (with SDS) at Kathmandu, Nepal from 26 - 29 May 2010. The main focus of this meeting was to bring together women, actively involved in the spheres of conflict and violence in order to share their mutual experiences and create a regional network of WHRD's.

    A Regional Workshop on Professional Lobby and Advocacy was co-organised by IPAC (with SDS) and INSEC at Kathmandu, Nepal from 8 - 11 June 2009. This workshop was organized with the objective of creating a common understanding about professional lobby and advocacy among NGO's who work with or without the support of the public sector but actively participate in influence decision makers.

  2. National: A National Workshop on Women in Governance was organised by SDS - IPAC and Entrée, Netherlands at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, from 2 - 6 August 2009. Some women's groups from Northeast India and from the Dalit Community from south came together to form a network of women to work towards bringing women into governance positions.

  3. State: A one day State Level Consultation on Migration was organised by IPAC - SDS and Lok Vikas Sansthan in the state of Bihar to share the then perspectives and views regarding migration and the status of migrants who are devoid of access to basic rights and security.

"Nonprofit lobbying is exciting, rewarding, honorable work. Lobbying is a proven way to advance issues, support good ideas, respond to crises and avert disasters. Public policies can be shaped and sustained to reflect an organization's values and priorities".

- Marcia Avner

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