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On the field, IPAC has numerous partners in different corners of the country –from Uttrakhand to Maharashtra, from North East to Gujarat. Our success lies in the effective work of our network partners who are highly committed to the cause.

IPAC is a founder member and first chair of an international network of professional lobbying organisations called “Lobby works”. As of now, the members of the network come from India, Vietnam, Netherlands, Indonesia, South Africa and Cambodia. This network works on setting quality standard for lobby (and advocacy), exchange experiences, develop new training tools and develop a joint marketing strategy.

Within Asia, this network also provides opportunities to engage itself with regional processes like ASEAN and SAARC, as these form of nations at regional level play an important role in shaping the national policies, pertaining to trade, sustainable development and cross border issues like human trafficking and regional security.

"Getting the change we want in public policy will occur most readily when we join with other groups in coalition"…- Elizabeth M. Heagy
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