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Policy Research and Advocacy

In order to effectively support its partners, IPAC, also constantly undertakes policy research and analysis on issues related to its various thematic areas. IPAC builds its own knowledge base and manages its own skill sets by educating itself regularly on the issues under its thematic focus. The nature of research undertaken by IPAC is strictly policy oriented, in order to influence policy and initiate a dialogue on the policy gaps relevant to the issues under its focus areas.

Advocacy, through the publications of relevant research papers, issue briefs, policy briefs etc. on the relevant issues targeted through policy research will also be undertaken. This would help IPAC to build its own knowledge and experiences on the issues in the relevant thematic areas, which would further allow IPAC, to support and train its partners, for better lobbying and campaigning, by its partners, on the said issues - strictly through the partners own experiences and interventions.

In addition, IPAC shall also undertake regular research and analysis on lobbying techniques and tools, again as a system to support its own knowledge building and strategic skill sets to enable further lobby support and capacity building activities towards its partners.

It is expected that this internal policy research and analysis as well as advocacy on issues under IPAC's thematic focus will not only enable the center to substantively equip itself in order to be well prepared for its partners, but would also extend and enhance the partners ability to strategize their own activities as they can learn from IPAC's own experiences to further their own interests.

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